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      3. Create Exceptional Teams

        Renascent Solutions is a Seattle-based executive search firm that specializes in the recruitment and placement of high technology, software, sales, marketing, and business development professionals and corporate leaders. Our proven, focused approach allows us to rapidly identify validated individuals who will increase corporate revenue and growth. The sales recruiters at Renascent Solutions help build unparalleled teams for companies in North America, Europe, and Australia. We offer contingency and retained recruiting options.     

        Recruitment Methodology

        Renascent Solutions employs a highly systematic approach that is authenticated, rapid, and exceptionally productive. Our recruitment methodology has been carefully refined during the course of numerous engagements and has proven to be amongst the most effective in the executive search sector.  From the initial analysis of the position requirements to sourcing, candidate evaluation and presentation, interviewing, negotiations, and follow-up, our sales recruiters provide a truly comprehensive and ultimately successful search process.    

        Additional Services

        All businesses can greatly benefit from periodic reviews by an external, confidential source. We offer an array of specialties including organizational analysis, lead generation, compensation structuring, assessment and testing, security, talent retention strategies, background checks, behavioral analytics and diagnostics, and primary employment approaches which substantially improve the efficiency of both private and public organizations. Renascent Solutions offers services for corporations and individuals.     

        Partial Client List  

        Position Focus

        CXO, Board Member, Vice President Sales, Vice President Marketing, Sales Director, Sales Manager, Sales Operations, Sales Representative, Account Executive, Account Manager, Sales Engineer, Pre-Sales, Post-Sales, Channel Sales, Alliances Manager, Business Development, Partner Manager, Marketing Communications, Product Marketing, Professional Services, Corporate Development and Strategy


        Interviewing Tips: Preparation, interview, post-interview. Questions commonly asked. Questions to ask interviewer

        Resume Tips: Items that will help you separate yourself from the competition. Presentation, Content

        Poll Results: Monthly surveys covering an array of pertinent topics

        Articles: Industry abstracts of interest to candidates and employers

        Additional Resources: Sales training, methodologies, salaries, organizations, general interest

        Industry Focus

        AI, Analytics, Automation, BAM, Big Data, Business Intelligence, BPM, BSM, Cloud, Collaboration, CEM, Content Management, CRM, Database, Data Warehousing, Digital Marketing, DMS, EAI, EAM, e-Learning, ERP, Fintech, FPM, HR, IaaS, IOT, KM, MRP, NAS, PLM, PM, Portal, PRM, SaaS, SAN, SCM, Security, SFA, SOA, SRM, Storage, Virtualization, IT Consulting, Telecom, Networking, Software, Hardware

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        Many thanks for the excellent candidates you provided for the Senior Software Sales Exec position I had last year.  I wanted to inform you that the candidate I hired from you was #2 out of 300+ reps and finished at 276% of quota!  You will be the first person I call when I have an open sales position to fill!

        - VP Sales    

        I have worked with many recruiters in the past. You really demonstrated a unique ability to understand the job and candidate requirements and screened for only truly the most qualified. I to date have never had such a situation presented to me. It required true grass roots recruitment and you demonstrated great skill and execution.I know that in the future when I have need for additional top talent I will be reaching out to you.

        - VP Sales      

        I have never worked with an executive recruiter who has shown such professionalism, knowledge, and guidance as Dan McLaughlin. He is someone who I trust and whom I highly recommend to my friends.

        - Successful VP Sales candidate

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